Monday, 13 April 2015

Star Racer Concept

With this I explored the concept of a ship designed to race in vast courses through asteroid belts and planetry rings. It was to be ultra fast and agile, the design incorporates vivid colours and illuminated panels to indicate this is a vehicle for racing.

Drop Ship concept

This is a craft I imagined would detach from a larger cruiser in orbit and dive at great speed to its target.

Warrior of the Hidden Lands

This character is based on armour from Tibet and Bhutan. It is not entirely historically accurate, there are also Chinese influences. I was going for a more mythological feel. As a warrior from the Hidden Lands he is from the fabled kingdoms lost somewhere on the Tibetan plateau, akin to Shambhala.

Monday, 9 February 2015

The Guard

This is a design for a character you may meet in a fantasy game, I chose to be ambiguous about whether he is friend or foe. He is loosely based on the form of a Satyr, his armour is again loosely based on Greek armour however there are other elements that don't share Greek historical or stylistic influences.


This is a personal project. It is a scene roughly based on the appearance of Hecate in Macbeth. It is still in progress but has reached a point where I want to upload it. It will be interesting to see how it looks when I finish it and compare it to this post.


Here is a collection of storyboards I have created for various projects. They are all for my own use as I was the person creating the films as well.

A New Arrival

Here I was going for something cinematic and sci-fi. I didn't start out with anything definite in mind, however it turned into a rainy, vibrant and dynamic scene. It ended up being a concept for an important cinematic moment. I used contrast in colour to suggest it was some kind of confrontation.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Apocalypse survivor concept

The theme here is surviving an apocalypse. I initially explored various kinds (snow, nuclear,desert) and eventually settled on chemical. I liked the contrast of textures, for example between the plastic protective clothing and worn out fabric. I have also explored details of the main concept, like how the gloves are eroding and are patched up, also the chemical detector and its pouch.

character concept

The character here is a mob guy who maybe has ascended the ranks, he doesn't do the dirty work any more.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Concept Car

I just wanted to make something really cool! I think the way the black lines trace the form works well.

Femme Fatale

Keeping up with the classic/theatrical villains I have been creating recently I have tried my hand at the femme fatale.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Viking Chieftain

Yes I have been watching Vikings

Lost Temple of the Pharaoh

This image was just an idea which at first I hurredly sketched down. After working at it for a while it became much more of a concept for an establishing shot from a film or game cinematic.

Sci Fi Warrior concept

With this character I started out trying to get a skeletal look. The design evolved to become more sinuous but it still retains skeletal elements which are enhanced by the contrast in local values. The image stayed black and white because it was simply more striking that way. I thought about colouring it but it would have stayed almost black and white anyway.

The Lockup

Here I imagined a derelict bridge may serve as a secret storage place for those engaged in nefarious activities. I was going for intense grittyness.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Character Costumes - Protesters

I was inspired by the extraordinary images of recent times. I wanted to recreate some of the characters I saw in the news coverage, particularly the assembly of protective gear and heavy clothes into makeshift uniforms.

Recent Work - Cartoony Character and an Autonomous Land Vehicle


The vehicle is an autonomous land vehicle, I imagined it would transport supplies over any kind of terrain it might encounter. It has independent wheels so it can send power to which wheel needs it most as well as being able to raise and lower the wheels individually for particularly tricky obstacles. Altering the spin of each wheel is how it would steer akin to a tank.

I wanted to create a cartoony character that would translate well to a 3d rendering. I chose the character of a Squire as there were several ways I imagined it could be implemented with different opportunities for characterisation.

Dance Art Studio Backdrop

This is the backdrop for Dance Art Studio's latest peformance. It was projected onto a large cyclorama for sections of the show.