Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Gothic armoured car

Here I tried mixing Gothic armour with a sports car shape, the car would probably have terrible handling if it was really plate armour but it looks good and that's what counts!

Pod Mech

This mech has unfolding legs so it is easily transported, i imagined it would be parachuted in to cause as much mayhem as possible. Right at home in a strategy game this one!

Atlantis robot

I revisited the Atlantis project and decided to create a robot inhabitant of the city. Perhaps the aliens modelled the robots maintaining the city on the creatures they found on the planet. The Egyptian influence can be seen in the headdress.

Far Future Mech

A mech trudging around in the far future, i designed it to be very agile and able to deal with all sorts of tough terrain. Its main function would be as a scout or seeker