Monday, 7 April 2014

Character Costumes - Protesters

I was inspired by the extraordinary images of recent times. I wanted to recreate some of the characters I saw in the news coverage, particularly the assembly of protective gear and heavy clothes into makeshift uniforms.

Recent Work - Cartoony Character and an Autonomous Land Vehicle


The vehicle is an autonomous land vehicle, I imagined it would transport supplies over any kind of terrain it might encounter. It has independent wheels so it can send power to which wheel needs it most as well as being able to raise and lower the wheels individually for particularly tricky obstacles. Altering the spin of each wheel is how it would steer akin to a tank.

I wanted to create a cartoony character that would translate well to a 3d rendering. I chose the character of a Squire as there were several ways I imagined it could be implemented with different opportunities for characterisation.

Dance Art Studio Backdrop

This is the backdrop for Dance Art Studio's latest peformance. It was projected onto a large cyclorama for sections of the show.

Artwork - 2013 to present

Sometimes it's good to see your work collected together so here is my work from the past year and a bit...