Monday, 9 February 2015

The Guard

This is a design for a character you may meet in a fantasy game, I chose to be ambiguous about whether he is friend or foe. He is loosely based on the form of a Satyr, his armour is again loosely based on Greek armour however there are other elements that don't share Greek historical or stylistic influences.


This is a personal project. It is a scene roughly based on the appearance of Hecate in Macbeth. It is still in progress but has reached a point where I want to upload it. It will be interesting to see how it looks when I finish it and compare it to this post.


Here is a collection of storyboards I have created for various projects. They are all for my own use as I was the person creating the films as well.

A New Arrival

Here I was going for something cinematic and sci-fi. I didn't start out with anything definite in mind, however it turned into a rainy, vibrant and dynamic scene. It ended up being a concept for an important cinematic moment. I used contrast in colour to suggest it was some kind of confrontation.