Monday, 27 April 2015

Scene from 1984

This is a scene from Orwell's 1984. This is one of the images that stayed with me when I read the book.

Some EPIC scenes

With these I was after a sense of action and tension. The warrior fighting the undead army is a similar design the warrior of the hidden lands I posted earlier however I changed the design to allow for more dramatic motion in his costume.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Star Racer Concept

With this I explored the concept of a ship designed to race in vast courses through asteroid belts and planetry rings. It was to be ultra fast and agile, the design incorporates vivid colours and illuminated panels to indicate this is a vehicle for racing.

Drop Ship concept

This is a craft I imagined would detach from a larger cruiser in orbit and dive at great speed to its target.

Warrior of the Hidden Lands

This character is based on armour from Tibet and Bhutan. It is not entirely historically accurate, there are also Chinese influences. I was going for a more mythological feel. As a warrior from the Hidden Lands he is from the fabled kingdoms lost somewhere on the Tibetan plateau, akin to Shambhala.